Quilt Block Pillows


Aunt Jet was there. So was Aunty Red. And little Eloise Moore, age 11 was there too. Imagine the scene in 1933 at someone’s house, women of all ages grouped around a large table, all creating quilt squares for a new quilt. The aroma of coffee filled the room, and Aunty Red brought some of her famous pound cake, just to snack on a bit. These three beautiful pillows all showcase hand-sewn quilt squares from 1933, each lovingly stitched and signed by their creators. Set against a beautiful neutral linen and highlighted with a discrete dashed stitching, this group of three pillows honors American craft, simpler times and women’s friendship. A stunning collection that could grace your living space for years to come. Each pillow is 16” square with hidden zipper opening.

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Aunt Jet, Aunty Red, Eloise Moore