The Stitcher – Julie Vician

When Julie was a young girl, she took a sewing class in middle school. She made a two-piece ensemble – a peasant blouse and tiered skirt, inspired by “Little House on the Prairie”. This began a life-long passion and pursuit of excellence in the fine art of dressmaking, tailoring, sewing, and embroidery. Julie went on to work with seamstresses from Europe and learned techniques and an appreciation for fine sewing. She continued stitching through the years and eventually in 2007, with two small children at home, Fairbanks Fancy Goods (FFG) was born in her dining room. As the business and interest in her work grew, the FFG atelier moved in 2017 to its current location in the heart of Natick’s Cultural Center. Living in Natick with her family and their border collie (who is always on lookout for a herd of sheep), she can walk to her studio and be fully immersed in the community she has called home for over 25 years.

Throughout the decades of experience creating and sewing, Julie has worked on projects from all over the country including providing children’s clothing and hand embroidery samples in collaboration with nationally known author, artist, and fabric designer Sarah Jane Wright. Her clients can find her in the studio listening to a podcast or an eclectic music mix, surrounded by fabric, items and images that spark creativity. This is where the creative magic happens, and Julie’s skill is brought out in full force to each and every project.